ELAN International Distributors

International Dealers: Contact an authorized ELAN Distributor to learn about the many advantages of ELAN control and automation solutions for your customers.


 SALES MANAGER • WADE BUSSEY wade.bussey@nortekcontrol.com


Canada (eastern): Product Solutions Group - info@productsolutionsgroup.ca

Canada (Western): Product Solutions West - infowest@productsolutionsgroup.ca





INTERNATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR • HORACIO MORALES horacio.morales@nortekcontrol.com

Asia and Australia

Australia: QualiFi Pty Ltd. - ph@qualifi.com.au

China: Dvaco Group - anita@dvaco.com

India: Vinshek Marketing Pvt. Ltd. - pm@vinshek.com

Indonesia: Smart System Solutions - fuad.firdaus@three-s.co

New Zealand: Wildash Audio Systems NZ Ltd. - mike@wildash.co.nz

Singapore: Eighteen 77 Pte Ltd Sales@e77.asia




SALES MANAGER • HORACIO MORALES horacio.morales@nortekcontrol.com

Latin America

Brazil: Chiave - paulomendes@chiave.com.br

Colombia: Intech - comercial@intech.com.co

Costa Rica: Audio Cinema - Ce rolando@audiocinema.net

Mexico: Comercializadora De Tecnologia - aescobar@ctav.com.mx

Panama: Domotic Design Corp - info@domotic-design.com

Peru: Lima Sound Contractors S.A.C - lsarmiento@limasound.com

Venezuela: Invercesca Technologies - cesar.sarcos@invercesca.com



SALES MANAGER • PHIL DAVIS phil.davis@nortekcontrol.com


Europe and Middle EastBahrain: Galtech - info@galtecsystems.com

Belgium: Spark - ah@sparksite.nl

Cyprus: Karagiorgis Technopro Ltd - purchasing1@lifestylesk.com

Denmark: ICON Scandinavia AB - peter.aspegren@iconscandinavia.se

Germany: I A D - GmbH - service@iad-gmbh.de

Ireland: Indigo Distribution - matthew@indigodistribution.ie

Israel: TR Audio - meir@pioneer-il.com

Italy: Pixel Engineering info@pixelengineering.it

Jordan:  Galtech - info@galtecsystems.com

Kuwait: Galtech - info@galtecsystems.com

Lebanon: Home Tech World - nabil@hometecworld.com

Netherlands: Spark - ah@sparksite.nl

Nigeria: V2D Convergence segun@v2dltd.com

Norway: Instell As - atle@instell.no

Oman: Galtech - info@galtecsystems.com

Poland: POL-AUDIO S. C. - leszek.b@pol-audio.com.pl

Qatar: Galtech - info@galtecsystems.com

Russian Federation: AP Technology - vladimir@aptech.ru

Saudi Arabia: Galtech - info@galtecsystems.com

South Africa: Elan Systems South Africa - darren@elansystems.co.za

Sweden: ICON Scandinavia AB - peter.aspegren@iconscandinavia.se

Ukraine: Karma Digital - marinas@karma-digital.com

United Arab Emirates: Galtech - accounts@galtecsystems.com

United Kingdom (GB): Indigo Distribution - matthew@indigodistribution.ie

Stay connected and worry free

“We can log in no matter where we are and see what is going on in real time. Between the security system and the cameras, we’re never more than a few taps away from our home. The ELAN g! system helps us stay connected and worry free.”

– Sarah Huff, Homeowner and ELAN Customer